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Enterprise Architecture Good Practices Guide; ISBN 142515687-8

The Economic Benefits of Enterprise Architecture; Publisher Trafford;ISBN 141206729-4

How to survive in the jungle of Enterprise Architecture Frameworks; Publisher Trafford;ISBN 141201607-X

EA - Consulting Services

Enterprise Architecture Consulting Services (EACS)TM is a proven source for research & best practices based EA measurement tools, EA development & implementation programs and strategic advisory services. Enterprise Architecture Consulting Services is working close together with the famous Institute For Enterprise Architecture Developments (IFEAD).

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In just five years, IFEAD has developed a world wide position in the EA research & development arena with its EA frameworks, methods, opinions and approaches. EACS has leveraged this understanding of EA organizational and technological behavior to develop their surveys and consulting services to apply to a wide variety of organizations with one single purpose in mind: Enterprise Architecture is a complete expression of the enterprise; a master plan which “acts as a collaboration force” between aspects of business planning such as goals, visions, strategies and governance principles; aspects of business operations such as business terms, organisation structures, processes and data; aspects of automation such as information systems and databases; and the enabling technological infrastructure of the business such as computers, operating systems and networks.

Enterprise Architecture Consulting Services can also help organizations with the adoptation and implementation of the concept of Services Orientation, an enterprise architectural style of defining Business and IT in term of services. Where SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) refers to the IT part of this concept, Services Oriented Enterprise (SOE) is refering to the definition of business activities in terms of services that can be directly related to these software services.

Enterprise Architecture Consulting Services professionals deliver EA and / or SOA advisory services via the web, at client sites and at EA leadership conferences around the world.

Our EA Consulting Services:


Enterprise Architecture Trend Surveys

Enterprise Architecture Trend Surveys are a useful tool in measuring and improving Enterprise Architecture progress in todays organizations as well as increasing organizational EA productivity and growth. EA Survey Reports identify organisations EA progress and possible EA improvement areas.

These EA trend reports are part of a yearly recurrent survey to measure the progress and developments in Enterprise Architecture. The reports are based on a 25 questions survey, addressing geographical aspects, branch aspects, EA implementations aspects as well about tools and methodologies used in Enterprise Architecture programs and the role of architects in organizations.

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Business Technology Strategy Consulting

The Business & IT Strategy Consultants can offer significant, tangible experience developing and implementing information strategies for corporations regardless of their respective size or industry affiliation. Moreover our consultants can assist you in developing and refining your Busienss-IT vision so that the possibilities offered by existing and emerging technology become
more accessible and real to your organization.

Questions which may play a role include:
• How can I deliver a consistent information policy? For example, what value can be derived
from the use of shared service centres.
• What is my vision regarding the application of new technology? Am I sufficiently aware of
the possibilities offered by mobile solutions?
• Which strategy is appropriate to my organization and its specific needs?
• How can I organise the decision-making process surrounding the Information function?
• What is the current cost of information provision?
• What knowledge should I always retain internally, and what can I outsource to a third party with total confidence?

For answers to all these questions and more, you can get assistance from our Business –
Technology Strategy Consultants.

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Enterprise Architecture Implementation Consulting

We help clients build high-performing EA organizations by working with them to clarify, align and implement their EA function aligned with their strategies. Our team provides expertise in the implementation, transformation, organizational design, staffing models, people, business & IT strategy alignment.

We provide tools and methodologies for EA talent selection and development, performance management and coaching.

As part of our commitment to EA thought leadership, we developed a best practices based EA implementation guide and an EA deliverables guide that will help speeding up your organization by implementing EA. Several other guides are developed to explain more indepth details about stakeholder analysis; principles and background of EA frameworks. the assessment of enterprise architecture work, etc. So if you are looking for help in these areas, please contact us.

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Enterprise Architecture Maturity Scan

Our Enterprise Architecture Maturity Scan will deliver you insight and overview of your current EA Maturity status. Based on our expertise with Enterprise Architecture we can help your organization in making steps forward in implementing EA and executing EA programs. Our Extended Enterprise Architecture Maturity Model which is the basis for this scan is proofed in several organisations as well as compared by Universities against other international accepted EA maturity models and stated as one of the best in the world.

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Enterprise Architecture Tool Selection Consulting

Based on IFEAD's famous Enterprise Architecture Tool Selection Guide, we will help organisations in their selection process of EA tools and suppliers as well as modelling techniques and approaches. With our EA Tool selection consulting we can speed up your tool selection process based on our knowledge and research about the most well known EA tools in the market today.

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Enterprise Architects Training, Coaching & Mentoring

When implementing the EA function in your organization, architects have to be trained in common methods and approaches. EACS have the experience to train and coach groups of enterprise architects in the use of EA frameworks, EA methods and techniques. Setting up EA programs and communication plans. Delivering EA presentations and awareness for top management as well as architects. We can mentor induvidual enterprise architects and help them growth in their carreer as well as we can coach EA management in their jobs. If you need help in these areas, please contact us and we can help you.

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Enterprise Architects Job Selection

It is hard to do today for organization to select the right Enterprise Architects with the right profile and experience. EACS has a long history in defining EA profiles and selecting the right people for organisations. We have standard profiles for Enterprise Architects as well as sr. Enterprise Architects and we can test and validate candidates expertise and experience. If your organisation is looking for support in selection the right architects please contact us.

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Customized EA Consulting Process

EACS uses a four-phase approach for EA process improvement. The four-phase model below outlines our approach to effectively diagnose the key issues, design system components, deliver the right solutions and continuously monitor results. Each phase builds on the previous one.

1. Diagnosis

Phase one involves assessing the root causes of the issues highlighted by the Enterprise Architecture Maturity Scan and preparing a recommendations report. This report will summarize our findings and address the fundamental root causes at the organization level. During this phase we use data analysis and various assessment tools developed from the survey in addition to on-site visits and focus groups.

2. Design

Phase two builds on the objectives covered in Phase one and helps the organization develop a robust plan to address the issues. EACS will work closely with your organization in the design phase focusing on improvement areas, analyzing the issues with data, and developing solutions and plans for each improvement area. The plan will be a fully developed and executable program based on the recommendations in Phase one.

3. Deliver

Phase three implements the plan that was designed in Phase two. We work with your organization to ensure this phase goes smoothly. Training, explaining and communicating are emphasized in this phase with the flexibility to adjust when the environment changes.

4. Monitor and Improve

After completing the implementation of the plan, we recommend continued follow-up on an annual basis through participation in repeating the Architecture Maturity Scan. The results of subsequent years’ scans will show trends and progress while revealing other areas that may need attention.

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Services Orientation (SOE/SOA) Adaptation & Implementation Consulting

We help clients with the adaption of the concepts of services orientation by working with them to clarify, align and implement the concepts of services orientation. We help organizations in identifiying the "Hype Factor" of SOA, the "Hope Factor" of SOA and the Reality today. Our team provides expertise in the adaptation, implementation, transformation, organizational design, staffing models, people, business & IT strategy alignment elements of the services oriented concept.

So if you are looking for help in these areas, please contact us.

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